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What's going on ? You have not refunded me yet and not responded to my emails, so there is 2 choices. 1 you refund me soon! Or 2 send me the replica watches uk I ordered in the first place as long as the replica watches uk you send me is not broken and will not stop working. If I still don't get a email from you by end of business Monday this will be the last email I send and I will contact my bank to get the money back as I sent the replica watches back to you, recorded delivery which cost me extra money. I won't be closing anything the replica watches uk is in your area and they tried to deliver it to you but you have not accepted it. I have printed out all the emails between us and I'm posting them off today as it was longer that 30 days since I posted this replica watches uk back to you the barcode you need to check the postage status is RJ727283928GB and it was posted using the uk post office that is how you track the item and if I have not had the refund within 24 hours this time tomorrow I will send of the letter to my bank and then they will Handel the rest of it.

I've spent the last four days looking for my post office receipt with the tracker number. Ive misplaced/ lost my receipt. I went to the post office today and they were uncooperative and wouldn't check their records. I phoned a number for Royal Mail and they couldn't help without the receipt and tracker number. He also said that if I marked the envelope with word watch that the envelope would automatically be destroyed. That's now since July I posted the replica watches sale registered airmail. I contacted Royal Mail who cannot check their records as there are so many parcels sent like that. I swear I sent the replica watches sale as requested. I can only give you my word. I have spoken to the post office who inform me that anything with the word watch written on it going into China is destroyed. I bought and paid for a replica watches sale from you in good faith that was sold by you that was faulty, as the pictures prove. I would like a refund or better still replica watches. The post office wont deal with me because it had 'watch' marked on the package and say that packages going into China with replica watches marked on them get destroyed as its assumed that it will be counterfeit. I wasn't told this by you. You are just deliberately trying to put me off. I paid for replica watches from you in good faith and you sold a damaged one. I return the replica watches to you in good faith but you don't receive it. How would you feel if it was the other way round?

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